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Would You Watch Out For My Safety?® Virtual Training Course

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Discover the magic you can create when everyone watches out for the safety of those around them, on and off the job. Imagine the injuries that will be prevented when people feel comfortable approaching others regarding safety.

Now everyone can learn John’s peer reviewed techniques even if your site or sites are too small to bring John in person. Also for those of you who have new employees since John’s last visit they can be brought up to date quickly and easily online.

For a trial of the course (use coupon code: trial) 

For years, safety leaders have been telling people to be their brother’s keeper without giving them effective ways of doing so. “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®” teaches the “how-to” techniques for sharing safety concerns with others. After experiencing motivational safety speaker John Drebinger’s virtual course, your employees will know the reasons they should watch out for each other and specifically how to share safety with someone else.

As a result of John’s “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®”…

Your employees will:
* Learn five reasons they will “want to” watch out for the safety of others;
* Discover three reasons people choose not to watch out for others;
* Know two special techniques for comfortably sharing safety with others;
* Understand how to respond when someone watches out for their safety;
* Point out safety hazards to others on and off the job;
* Learn the “how-to” of being their brother’s keeper.
* Improve their own safety awareness; and
* Never feel regret knowing they could have prevented an injury.

You may purchase this course for your company with access for all employees for up to one year at a time. To discuss the investment for you and your employees please call or email Sandie Gilbert at +1.209.747.2770 or sandie@drebinger.com.

For a trial of the course (use coupon code: trial) 

As an additional resource, companies that purchase the course have the opportunity to buy the book, Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®, for their employees at a substantial savings. When you purchase 50 or more copies along with the course, the books will cost $5 each (66% discount). For less than 50 copies, the books will cost $10 each (33% discount).

Watch Out For My SafetyIt helps everyone put the principles they learn into action. A technique John uses to increase readership is that the book is written in two parts and is a very quick read. The first part is the story of a person and their journey as they learn the five reasons they need to watch out for the safety of others. Along the way, they learn the obstacles that keep people from sharing safety and how to overcome them. The lead character then learns how to share safety and then finally how to respond when someone points safety out to them.
The second half of the book is a narrative of the course. Whether they choose to read the first half, the second half or the entire book, they will reinforce the lessons and techniques John teaches.

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